Rachel Frankel
Designer. Illustrator. Letterer. Doughnut Enthusiast.


Photo by Becca Blevins

Photo by Becca Blevins

A bit about me.

From an early age, the only disciplines that ever truly spoke to my heart were creative. As an only child growing up in two homes, I was often left to my own devices for entertainment. I found entire worlds within the books I devoured whole, lost myself inside the pages of Sailor Moon-inspired sketches I scribbled in middle school, and found solace in music as a painfully shy teen in my adolescent years. The one consistent thread throughout it all was my love of stories, and how to tell them well - whether through sound, words, or pictures. I went on to study painting, drawing and literature in college, and picked up design somewhere along the way.

I'm now a freelance illustrator and designer living and working in the heart of Portland, Oregon. My clients include: Chronicle Books, Mozilla, Medium, Cambia Health, The Brigade, 826 Valencia, CreativeLive, SpaceNK, Cost Plus World Market, UC Speaks Up, Pottery Barn, and many more. Over the years, I’ve developed a multifaceted skill set as a designer and illustrator, with experience in everything from editorial illustrations, holistic brand campaigns, artistic styling and direction to bespoke hand-lettering, visual design, illustration/lettering asset library development and more.

I'm a frequent sketchbooker, noise-maker, devoted bookworm, and you can often find me listening to a healthy mix of indie rock, 90’s hip hop and post punk, drawing on my iPad, stalking neighborhood cats, or yelling about basketball with my husband, Matt. I’m easily bribed with snacks.

Skills to pay the bills.

Analog, digital and mixed media illustration, brand design and identity development, art direction, hand-lettering, typography, surface design, print production, defining brand systems and asset libraries, copy guidance, general malaise, and toast consumption.

Expert-level proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, AfterEffects), Procreate, Sketch, pens, pencils and paper. Currently stepping into the wild worlds of motion and animation.

Exciting facts.

I recently finished writing and illustrating my first book, She Can Really Lay It Down––a feminist collection of 50 illustrated portraits and biographies of groundbreaking musicians and instrumentalists, across genres and continents—who all happen to be women. It will be released by Chronicle Books in Fall 2019. I also play guitar and sing in a band called Phosphene with my husband and our best bud Kevin.