Rachel Frankel


Photo by Matt Hemmerich


Illustrator, graphic designer, musician, and aspiring polymath.


From an early age, the only disciplines that ever truly spoke to me were creative. As an only child growing

up in two homes, I was often left to my own devices for entertainment. I found entire worlds within the

books I devoured whole, lost myself inside the pages of Sailor Moon-inspired sketches I scribbled in

middle school, and found solace in indie rock music as a closeted, painfully shy teen in my adolescent years.

My formation led to an eternal fascination with creating visuals and telling stories with sight, words, and

sound. I went on to study painting, drawing and literature, and picked up design along the way after college.


I'm currently the senior designer on the Creative Studio team at CreativeLive, where I work on brand identity,

art direction, illustration, marketing campaigns, style guide development, occasional print projects, and many other

assorted things. When I'm not at work in San Francisco, I also take on freelance illustrative and design projects at

home in the East Bay. I'm a frequent sketchbooker, lettering lover, devoted bookworm, and you can often find

me falling asleep on BART, talking to neighborhood cats, or nerding out with my fiancé, with iced coffee in hand.


For friendship, work inquiries and coffeeshop suggestions, please holler over at the "Contact" page.




Illustration, brand design and identity, art direction, lettering, typography, wireframing, sarcasm, general

malaise, crying at weddings. Expert-level proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, pens, pencils and paper.


Fun Facts.


 In addition to artmaking, I play guitar and sing in a band called Phosphene. We're currently working on

our second LP. I also recently completed my first art residency at Drop Forge & Tool back in March 2017.